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Some self-note of Pokemon things that I would like to have, but I don't want to spend money on atm. So this is just to leave as a wants list kind of!

Moko Moko Charmander

Moko Moko Mew

Pokemon Plush Ninmagune Action Ash's Greninja (LINK)

Pokemon Plush PP50 Greninja (S) (LINK)

Pokemon ALL STAR COLLECTION Plush PP34 Vanillite (S) (LINK)

Pikachu sepia graffiti (LINK)
Mantyke + tea

Might as well! My Super Mario collection!

Welp, I think most people are aware that I am a huge Super Mario fan, but I think most people don't know that I collect as well, mainly LUIGI!!!!!

Why is he my main collection? Simply because I love this little dork too much, and I myself can relate to him, since I am a younger sibling as well (therefore being player number 2 and all). Not to mention, I think that out of all Super Mario characters, Luigi got the most character development!
Other characters I love are Mario, Peach, Yoshi and a bunch of others!

So for Super Mario merchandise, I collect all kinds, whether new or old, but the other thing that I love more than anything (besides Luigi) is actually Super Mario 3D World, the game where you play the characters as kitties! Welp, no time to blabber so much about them, because I just love them so much!

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That's it in terms of displaying my Super Mario merchandise, hope you enjoyed :D
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Non-Pokemon Japan gets! + A few photos for friends!

Hello guys!
I am finally back from my trip and slowly getting used to my time zone again + doing a looot of unpacking and the like. I have gotten a lot of things for myself and also friends!

So I wanted to make this post to show off my gets for now!

So for non-Pokemon gets, I got mainly Super Mario stuff, One Punch Man, Madoka Magica and some Disney stuff as well! So to show off one by one:

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So that's it for now! Will post more about Japan a little later, merchandise I have to get rid of first...
Froakie ball

Maybe worth a try?

Hello there guys!
I was wondering if people would like to share these adorable cuties with me:

I really want that adorable spotted seal!!!

Each will be 4.16$, and with everything (price of these cuties + shipping from me + shipping from me to you) would be 6.60$ anywhere in the world!
As I mentioned, I would love to keep the spotted seal, the rest are up for grabs!


Is this life, or is this a dream?


Pumkaboo will evolve too!!! Cool.

But goddamn, another Eevee??? When will they go away...nothing against Vees, I am just tired of seeing them in 70% of the merchandise that is appearing at the PC. New Pokemon Time promotion? VEES! FFS, give other Pokemon a chance!


Well then guys, I am off to Malaysia and I will come back the 23rd!!! There will be little to no Internet connection, so you surely won't hear much from me until I come back <3

Take care you guys while I am gone!
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Collection + Malaysia + Pandora!

Small updates!
My collection weeding sales didn't go as well as I hoped, at the same time, I am not really that wondering, because all the things I have put for sale were just....really old stuff that nobody wants. I am thinking about putting it simply on eBay for 0.99 and see how the bid goes. I will never get the money back for what I paid for everything, so that's it. I will thinking about it, but I did get a good chunk of money nevertheless for paying off some things <3

Other than that, I AM GOING TO MALAYSIA for my Birthday!!!! My dad's cousin, who works as a cameraman for television, has these group trips from his chief from time to time, so he and his wife asked me if I would like to join. I said HECK YES, I WANT IT!!!! So my mom said that since I haven't joined my parents on any trips lately, I can go with them. So you can't even imagine how happy I am!!! <3333

We will be going from 13th to 23rd of April! I seriously am so excited, you can't even imagine!!! <333

Other than that, I have been thinking about my collections, so I told myself that I should find myself another collection hobby that will be either of use in the future (so I am lately into buying glasses and mugs, Pokemon and anime themed, or stationeries and the like), or something small that doesn't take any space and is for wearing.
I think I found the right one!

I have fallen in love with PANDORA. This was supposed to be a 50th anniversary Bday present for my mom that her friends decided to give her, but she said she doesn't need it really much 8'D
So now I am wearing it a lot! The more charms I look up on the Internet, the more I want!!! So this is what I am lately in love with and going to spend my money on! <333

I would love to know which ones you like.....although I am not sure that's your cup of tea whoever is on my friends list.

Here is the site to all charms.

The ones I think I want the most are these:

Anything with stars, I LOVE!!! That flamingo charm I want for fandom reason (in love with One Piece atm) and snake...of course 8'D

Others that caught my attention:

ALSO, 3kame, LOOK!!!